Saturday 19 December 2020 / Sunday 20 December 2020

CC Berchem
Cancelled due to COVID-19
Driekoningenstraat 126, 2600 Antwerpen

About Woodpecker

In this life-size sound installation, babies, toddlers and adults can listen, feel, play, rest, hang and crawl.

A woodpecker conducts a musical dialogue, a nightingale sings its evening song and invites us to be part of its story. Sparkling, warm and repetitive sounds and music stimulate and envelop the very youngest in this Klankennest installation and performance.

Visual artist Jeroen Van Der Fraenen devised a special three-dimensional structure for this installation. It consists of musical forms and elements that are always divisible by three - this ensures balance and serenity within the installation and structure of the performance.

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