Friday 15 October 2021 / Saturday 16 October 2021 / Sunday 17 October 2021 / Monday 18 October 2021

Nova Villa
6 Rue de la 12e Escadre d'Aviation, 51100 Reims, France

About Manta

MANTA is specifically aimed at the very youngest from 4 to 24 months, yet it is a pleasure and delight for the senses of young and old.

Manta transforms into a poetic dance with 3 musicians.

Klankennest was inspired by the special visual presence and movements of the Manta giant ray from the ocean. With glass art, wood and textiles the installation took shape. The music is based on old and contemporary music combined with polyrhythmic compositions. This goes hand in hand with improvisations in and with the installation and the audience. Repetition and repetitive elements form the basis for this journey.

The installation is a safe, secure environment that invites to explore, wonder and play.

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