An installation for the very youngest to feel, rest, watch and play.

Mammoth is an installation that invites the very young to feel, rest, watch and play in a kinetic environment full of sound, rhythm and textiles.

The installation and performance specifically focus on the listening and movement experience of the very youngest and their interest in exploring the tactile, abstract objects around them.

Young children listen with their bodies, they like to feel sounds with all their senses. Mammoth starts from this experience: the installation is one large sound box with different sound qualities to which the very youngest can listen by feeling.

Mammoet comes to life in various ways by interaction with the spectator.


Children from 5 months to 24 months.

From & with

Liesbeth Bodyn (concept & vocals), Jeroen Van Der Fraenen (scenography & concept), Evelien Verhegge (textile design),Tchi-ann Liu or Siri Clinckspoor (dance) en Tine Allegaert (trumpet, percussion & voice).