Numi Numi

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Numi Numi is an evening ritual for very young children, visual concerts with lullabies from all over the world. In Numi Numi Tiptoe Tiptoe, singer Liesbeth Bodyn, cellist Annemie Osborne and trumpet player Tine Allegaert from Klankennest take you to dreamland. In Numi Numi Baju Baju, the second episode in the series, singer Liesbeth Bodyn, Kanklè player Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė and flutist Rebecca Van Bogaert guide you into the night. With images by Lena Stael Kohut and filmed by Wild van Vorm. You can fit these concerts into the evening ritual with your child.


Young children of various ages.

From & with

Liesbeth Bodyn (concept, artistic direction, voice), Annemie Osborne (cello), Tine Allegaert (trumpet), Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė (kanklès, voice), Rebecca Van Bogaert (flutes, voice), Lena Stael Kohut (images), Wild van Vorm (filming, editing), Joachim Gys sound recording & mixing of Numi Numi Baju Baju)

With the support of culture house de Warande and the cultural activities premium of the Flemish Government.


Numi Numi Tiptoe Tiptoe (episode 1) was available via the site of cultuurhuis de Warande from Demeber 22 2020 until January 3 2021. Do you want to see Numi Numi Baju Baju (episode 2)? Mail us via

There are currently no performances of this title planned.