Klankennest, meaning “nest of sounds”, is the result of the desire of its founder, Liesbeth Bodyn, to develop high quality artistic work for young audiences, building on her own background as a singer, teacher and specialist in music education.

Her artistic vision draws on two key ideas. First, Liesbeth believes it is very important to develop a real dialogue with the young audience members as part of the creative process. The way in which young children experience  the world inspires and expands Bodyn’s own vision as an artist. For this reason, she does not see children as a passive audience but as active participants both in the creative process as well as during the performance. Second, Liesbeth feels it is essential to have room for artistic innovation during the creative process . For this reason she has brought together a community of artists to work within Klankennest: artists who all share a passion for experimentation and dialogue, and who push the boundaries of different fields of art while developing new creative work for young audiences.

Klankennest was established in 2015 and started out by organising music sessions at children’s day-care centres, house concerts, music schools... Over the years this has grown into an artists’ collective with considerable expertise, offering baby-concerts, performance installations and museum tours for the enjoyment and delight of its very young audiences.

Klankennest now performs regularly both in Belgium and abroad and is a member of Small Size, a global network of organisations who focus on creating high quality performances for children under the age of 6.


The Klankennest team is: Liesbeth Bodyn (voice, artistic direction and *production), Jeroen Van der Fraenen (visual arts, scenography, technical manager), Annemie Osborne (cello, voice), Hans Beckers (sound art), Tine Allegaert (trumpet, voice, piano), Rielke Brys (percussion), Indré Jurgeleviciute (*kanklès, voice), Rebecca Van Bogaert (flutes, voice), Corentin Dellicour (cello), Seraphine Stragier (cello), Myrte Vandeweerd (dance), Tchi-Ann Liu (dance) and Evelien Verhegge (textiles development, dramaturgy).

For its museum tours, Klankennest collaborates with Sien Verschaeren (Appelsien+Ananas) and Klaas De Roo (Studio Moscou).

Klankennest productions are advised on and managed by the booking office Huis Alma.